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James Moss
Kasey Pridgen  33 
Jamie Weckel
"The "Moss Boys" have been running Glann Innovations products for the past 5 years ... Case Savers, Chain Slides, Rear Chain Guides, In-Line Coolers, Front Hub Caps, and dual battery box!  All of John's products work!  I lost my primary sprocket bolt in a race this past spring; the design of the chain guide kept my chain and sprocket on the drive gear!  Awesome products!"
We are proud to share these testimonials from our clients:
"The Glann Guardian not only meets the standard for quality and protection.. it re defines it..."
"Here's a picture of my TRX450R as it was raced in the 2013 season.  Thanks for making products that stand up to multiple years of XC or MX racing.  I'm currently using Glann Innovations full chain guide system, modified front hubs, In-line Radiator Cooler and the rear brake Block Off Plate w/ Cooling Fins."
Shawn Aaron
"I just received my parts from Glann Innovations.  I ordered the Case Saver and Chain Slide.  Installation was a breeze with the good instructions, and man ... they are the best.  I love them!             I highly recommend them!"

Hunter VanPatten
"Glann Innovations parts work!  I broke a chain, 4th gear pinned and NO quad damage!!!  Can your parts do that?"
Johnny Kellison
"Glann Innovations products ROCK!  Anyone looking for Case Savers, Chain Slides, Chain Guides or Coolers can him me up!"
Damon Lee Olds
"I'm lucky I had Glann Innovations Case Saver; I snapped my master link!"
John Sousa Jr.

"I have been running Glann Innovations products since 2016 with great results!  I run the Case Saver, Chain Slide, Block Off Plate with Cooling Fin, Sprocket Guard, Greaseable Swingarm Pivot Bolt for my 2014 YFZ450R.  The Case Saver is key and one of the most important parts to buy to protect your engine from a snapped chain and a potential broken case which can result in thousands of dollars in repairs.  Glann Innovations Case Saver is the absolute best on the market!  I've ran other Case Savers and have had broken cases wtih a snapped chain; it is not worth the risk to save a few dollars that could cost you thousands with a failure.  I highly recommend their products.  Not only do they have great products but John and Kara Glann are some of the nicest people I have had the pleasure of working with these past few years."